God (david) wrote,

Tool Presale

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yeah, a little on the steep side :(
I've got seats 5&6, same row.
How many times have you seen Tool over the past year? I'm no music person... so sorry if this sounds like a n00b question... but... do they actually sound different in different venues?
Venues can have good / bad soundsystems and the acoustics can be different, but mainly its a "played different songs, different versions of songs" type thing.

I've only seen them twice :o)
HAHAHAHA it feels like you're seen them toooons of times this year =P prob cos there always seems liek yu're waiting to go to one hahahaha. Well it's good if they play different songs then. hahaha i'm sure you'll ahve a good time. =D
Ha ha, I have seen them three times :) I think you should buy me the Tool underwear this time ;) x
Well done. and no. :oP
That was an unecessarily mean comment :'(
No it wasn't!

I think you mistook my e-tone :o)