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"Down my load"

So download... the heat was unbearable, the crowd were largely just complete morons, but the music...

Tool were as good as they should have been, fantastic performance, wonderful. Can't wait to see them again tomorrow. (On that note, it looks like we have a spare ticket, if anyone wants it, it's £32.50 face).

Alice In Chains was spooky, they were solid, they all looked so happy to be up there. The "stand in" vocalist was very strange to watch, he was like the vocal ghost of Layne without the stage presence, too much running about and clapping and the like but his vocals were spot on.

And those really were the two bands I went to see ;o)

Other bands... well, Metallica and Guns n' Roses were both fantastic, Metallica basically proved WHY they made "stadium metal" a thing, fireworks, playing the whole of the ALBUM master of puppets start to finish, multiple encorés, all epic stuff. GnR started off AWFULLY, 10 minutes early, full of technical failure, a crowd that was being less than friendly (but I'll touch on the crowd later) and they left the stage 3 times due to technical issues, including the guitarist storming off because someone bottled him. All fun. And then they came back on, and played November Rain. The paused before the epic guitar solo, Axl muttered something or another as though the song was about to end and then they played it. Pretty much in an instant the crowd that was all up for bottling the band off stage apparently was won over and from that point in the show was fantastic. Can't fault the performance of the new band, Axl rolled out one of the old guitarists for a handful of tracks and managed to conjur Sebastian Bach from Skid Row for a track or two whilst he was at it (noteable "My Michelle"). I don't know how they did it but somehow they managed to pull a show back from riot into a stadium of applause. Good going really, and how they did it, I'll never know. Slash was always overrated anyway, Modern day GnR >>> Velvet Revolver.

Special note has to go to Devy for doing a Strapping Young Lad show at 2pm and pretty much winning the audiance over with his stage presence/jokes and a mostly new set which ended on "The New Black", comes off fantastic live. They got a great reaction from the audiance, might finally be Devys meal ticket.

Korn were awful, and really only 1/2 of the band was even there, the bass player and the drummer. + stand in guitarists and stand in vocalists from other bands (though Corey Taylor, notably, did a good job), Amplifier did a decent job at being the first band on with some nice new material which basically seemed to be Amplifier+longer+proggier.

Oh and Wil Smith (as in, The Fresh Prince...) turned up because his wifes woefully bad band (Wicked Wisdom) were playing (twice no less). It was somewhat entertaining, the crowd were leaving so Wil Smith appears on stage and plays the job of a roadie. People stayed just incase we'd get a couple of "Big Willie" hits. We didn't.

Lacuna Coil were mostly dull and uninspired, playing soley material from their last two CDs (the latter of the two which was pretty dull as a CD, let alone live) and neglected their more interesting back catalogue, In Flames were on form, if anything slightly better than when I last saw them. Cradle of Filth had a gimp and an acrobat, and no good songs. And Soilwork didn't turn up.

So yeah, musically, enjoyed it alot. Camping? blows. Festival crowd? obnoxious bastards. Riots after the music ended? Yes, lots of fires, a handful of explosions, I hear somebody may well have set fire to the stage and I heard that there may well have been riot police in one of the campsites. (video footage) Worth the price of admission for the music? Yes.

But jesus it was too hot. I may be a little red.

(and totally couldn't find alunmillard, not for want of trying...)
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