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With Every Light

Moving outs going slowly, I keep losing motivation to pack. I've moved half my stuff to the new place, but my motivation to remove the remaining stuff (clothes, computer, giant desk and CD stack) is deminished by my knowledge that there isn't internet there and won't be for another week or so.

Sure we managed to just about steal wireless from someone we presume lives next door... but you know.

Looking forward to it, I just don't have enough motivation right now, work sleep cycle. With some quake at lunch and some WoW when I get home. I think I'm lost...

(oh I've been porting.. well.. writing a mockup of, CDisplay for PocketPC, if anyone wants a play at somepoint. It's geared towards smartphones / pda-phones and you'll probably run into memory issues, but it appears to work...)

and this picture just made my evening.

"desolation yes, hesitation no... but for this moment we are free, seeking to buy our release, to young to die, to rich to care, too fucked to swear I was there..."
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